Why Third Party CBD Lab Testing Is Important

female lab tech testing CBD

With consistent third party testing, CBD consumers can be confident of what they’re putting in their bodies, and that they are using a high quality product.


CBD for Lung Inflammation from COVID-19

lady coughing with covid
One of the most common uses of CBD is to relieve inflammation. Here's what we know about using CBD products to help with COVID-19 lung inflammation.

Should Pregnant Women Consume CBD? Here's What We Know and What We Don't Know

CBD and pregnancy

This article explores what we know about whether CBD is harmful for pregnant women or not, what the mainstream healthcare and big pharma industries think about CBD and pregnancy, and how CBD compares to other, mainstream accepted, drugs and substances that pregnant women often consume.

See Why People Are Turning to CBD for Sexual Anxiety

sexual anxiety CBD
Sex is great. Some people even might venture to say that it’s about the best thing in the world. But sexual anxiety limits many people's enjoyment of it. See how CBD may help.

CBD for Dog Seizures: See What We Know so Far

dog after seizure
If you aren’t used to canine seizures and don’t know what’s happening when they occur, there are few things that can happen to your dog that are scarier. See how CBD may help.

How Long before You See Benefits from CBD?

when does cbd work
By helping your body maintain balance, CBD may help give your body a chance to repair and start making you feel better. But it takes time to bring your body back into balance. 

CBD, Stress, and Memory Loss: How the Three Are Related to One Another

Memory loss and CBD
We all forget things from time to time, usually at the worst times possible. Much of our forgetfulness is caused by stress, and CBD may be able to help.

Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

weight loss CBD
In this article, we explore what we know about CBD and weight loss, what the current research says, and how you can incorporate it into your health and wellness regimen.

Try CBD for Hangovers on New Year's Day

CBD New Year's
New Year's Eve can be a rocking party, but we often pay for it on January 1st. See how CBD may help you avoid a nasty hangover on New Year's Day.

Why Make CBD a Part of Your New Year's Resolutions

CBD New Year's Resolutions
It’s almost that time of year. One year’s ending and a new one is beginning. With the transition comes new dreams, aspirations, goals, and the hope that the coming year will be better than the last. See how CBD may help. 

Special Holiday Methods for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

giving gifts for stress relief
It’s a stressful time. For many people, the levels of fear and uncertainty might make this the most stressful time they’ve ever experienced. Feelings of anxiety are normal during situations like these, but there are steps you can take that may help.

Worried about a Thanksgiving Food Coma? Try CBD to Help Digestion

CBD for indigestion
Well, the time is almost here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. See how consuming CBD products may help you through the inevitable food coma that will follow the feast.