Why Try CBD this Winter?

Winter sports

Like it or not, old man winter is going to be showing up in a couple of months and we have to be ready. In today’s article, we’re going over how CBD is useful during the winter months and how it may alleviate some of the conditions and issues that winter brings.

CBD for Seniors: How Cannabidiol May Help Older People

old people and cbd
Seniors don’t have to suffer needlessly through pain or through prescription drug side effects. Because CBD has no known side effects or harmful effects, elderly people—or really everyone—have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

CBD for Sunburns: Give Your Skin Some Relief

sunburn cbd
Sunburn. It’s the painful price many of us pay for those long fun days on the lake, at the beach, in the pool, or any other type of outdoor activity. CBD topical products may be able to offer some relief.

New Measure Allows CBD Use by Military Service Members

military use of CBD
Great news for the CBD industry! The U.S. House of Representatives just approved a measure allowing the use of CBD products by military service members. More specifically, the amendment would let service members use products containing hemp and its derivatives, of which CBD is just one.

Does CBD Reduce Deadly COVID-19? What Researchers Are Saying

CBD treats lung inflammation
Read this article to learn why researchers and medical professionals are looking into CBD as a possible treatment for inflammation caused by COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses.

What Are Terpenes in CBD?

terpenes and fruit
Terpenes describe a large and diverse class of organic compounds which are produced by a great variety of plants, as well as by some types of insects. How do they work when it comes to CBD?

CBD for Migraines: What We Know and What We Don't Know

CBD help migraines
Migraines affect millions of people around the world every year. The problem is that treatment options often involve drugs that have serious short and long term side effects. CBD may be a better choice.

Natural Ways to Relieve Anxiety: Foods, Exercise, and CBD

Natural anxiety relief
Anxiety is a natural and normal part of life. It’s been programmed into us over the past thousands and millions of years to help us respond to the often chaotic and dangerous world that surrounds us. But what can you do when anxiety is too constant or too strong?

Unusual Uses of CBD: What Are People Taking It for?

why consume cbd
The research looking into all the possible uses of CBD is expanding rapidly. However, for many people it is not expanding quickly enough and they are taking their health into their own hands. At Urban Roots Hemp Co., we support this 100%.

What Drugs Might CBD Replace One Day?

drugs vs CBD
It is possible that CBD may be a viable alternative or replacement for some over the counter drugs. But what about prescription drugs? Does CBD have potential to be a healthier alternative or supplement to any of the hundreds of drugs that Americans consume every year? Let’s go over what we know so far.

CBD vs. Ibuprofen: Could CBD Be a Better Alternative?

CBD for inflammation
Many people who use CBD say it has helped them supplement or replace prescription or over the counter drugs. It’s in more products than ever, available in more stores than ever, and is becoming more and more accepted as an effective way to deal with a whole range of health and wellness issues.

How to Help Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Try Using CBD for Pets

CBD for dog anxiety
Separation anxiety affects many thousands of dogs every day. Learn the steps you can to improve it and see how CBD may be able to help keep your dog calm and relaxed.