Lab Results

Welcome To Our Lab Results

Our products are tested multiple times: Initial test by extraction supplier, Raw CBD Isolate tested by us, and a final test on individual products!

Testing Variables: Every lab has an acceptable %error, typically +/- 5%, which gives them a 10% accuracy window. This 10% accuracy window is taken in account when we make our products, however this can cause a difficulty in perfect dosing.  The reason we get products tested again after they are made is to ensure we fall within appropriate range.  Upon the final test we have the initial +/-5%, plus another +/-5% for the final test, PLUS the possibility a lab has changed their machine calibration causing an addition +/-5%, total a possible 20% inaccuracy!

While this may all seem a little complicated, we want customers to understand we take pride in our product dosing, ensuring you're not receiving an inferior dose than labeled.  Our tests may not always seem perfect, but rest assured a product will not be available if we do not feel confident in the test result!

Lab Result Product Links: Click the link to see most recent test result

Ella Roll-On 10.12

CBDaily Capsule 7.18

Sleep Capsule 7.18

CBDigest Capsule 7.18

1000mg Tincture 7.18

2000mg Tincture 7.18

3000mg Tincture 7.18

50mg Gummy

Freeze Lotion 7.1

Body Butter 7.1

CBD Isolate 6.4

3000mg Tinctures 5.23 

Freeze Lotion 5.23

Body Butter 5.22

Body Butter 5.21

1000mg Tincture 3.22

2000mg Tincture 3.22

Daily Capsules 3.22

Digest Capsules 3.22

Sleep Capsules 3.22

CBD Isolate 

Freeze Lotion

Ella Essentials Body Butter

Ella Essentials Face Moisturizer 

Kozmic Gardens Terpsolate 

Kozmic Gardens Lemon Cake

Pet Daily Supplement

Pet Advanced Supplement

Ella Essentials CBD Roll-Ons

1000mg Tincture

2000mg Tincture

3000mg Tincture

CBDaily Capsules 

CBDigest Capsules

CBD Sleep Capsules