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How to Give CBD as a Gift this Holiday Season

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With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about buying gifts. If you’re like me, then it’s not always easy to figure out what to buy friends and family members. It seems like throughout the year I get a bunch of great ideas based on conversations I’ve had with them. But when it comes time to actually remember what those ideas were and buy them, all I have are crickets in my head.

Well, in case you find yourself in a similar boat as I do, then here’s at least one great idea that might be perfect for someone you’re getting something for: CBD products.

Why Would CBD Make a Good Gift?

There are several reasons why CBD products can make excellent gifts. The first is that CBD may help your family member or friend experience relief from a painful, annoying, or stressful condition. Second, almost everyone has heard of CBD and many people would try it, but they don’t know where to start or are afraid to take the first step.

Buying someone in your life CBD as a gift can be that first step for them. Half the gift is that you did all the legwork—the research on different companies and products and figuring out which product would be best for them to try—so they don’t have to. Your friend or family member can just open up the product and give a try. Now you’ve helped someone who may benefit greatly from consuming CBD, but maybe would never have done it on their own, take a step towards improving their health and wellness.

But how should you go about actually gifting someone CBD?

When to Give CBD as a Gift

Because consuming CBD products to improve a condition or ailment deals directly with someone’s health, it is definitely a more personal gift. For that reason, it is probably more appropriate for a closer friend or family member than for a more distant friend or coworker. The best situations for giving CBD as a gift are when you know someone is having an issue with something, maybe a parent has joint pain in the mornings, for example, and they haven’t been able to find a solution. And like we mentioned above, maybe that parent would never think to try CBD on their own.

If you’re giving CBD to someone who hasn’t tried it before, it’s also a good idea to include some of the research you found and maybe even the third party test results, like the ones we post on our website at Urban Roots. That way, they will feel more confident to give the CBD a try and that you gave them a reputable product.

Of course, CBD also makes a great gift to people who you know already consume it. Trust me, if your friend is regularly buying CBD products to help with a health condition, they will probably greatly appreciate you buying it for them instead, so they can save their money.

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 What Questions to Ask before Buying CBD as a Gift

  • What do you want the CBD to do? People use CBD to treat a very wide range of physical and mental health issues, and there are many different products better suited to different ailments. For example, a topical may be better suited for joint pain and skin issues, while a tincture product may be better for stress or digestive inflammation.
  • Is the CBD you’re buying high quality? Finding the right CBD is really a matter of finding the product and company that can best help fulfill health and wellness goals. When vetting different places to buy from, look closely at the customer reviews and whether the company conducts third party lab testing for quality.
  • Will the person in question be open to trying CBD? It’s also important to ask whether your friend or family member would actually take the CBD you give to them. Before you spend money on it, you might even want to probe them (without giving too much away) to test whether they would be willing to give it a try.
  • How much should you give them to try? Although you won’t be able to determine the exact dosage for your friend or family member, you can estimate how much they might need to last them a month or two. Remember, CBD needs time to have any effect. To make it easier for the person receiving the gift, give them enough to take that will actually make a difference. Do some research into proper dosage, and take into account their approximate weight, body type, and the severity of their condition.
  • Do they understand how CBD works? Once you give CBD as a gift, it’s important to ensure the person you gave it to knows what to expect. Let me them know that CBD is not intoxicating and it takes time for it to work. Remind them to notice what they aren’t feeling after taking it for a week or several weeks, rather than feeling instant relief hours after consuming CBD.

The Bottom Line: CBD Can Make a Great Gift

The most important thing to do when gifting CBD is put in the time for research. Try to understand your friend’s or family member’s health issue as best you can, and then dig into different products and types of products to find the best solution. Our blog is a great place to start. We have articles and research covering a huge range of CBD topics, from effects and dosage, to specific health problems and news and updates.

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Happy holidays and happy gift giving!