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How to Choose the Right CBD

CBD products

As CBD explodes in popularity, there are more and more companies rushing in to try and fill demand and get a piece of the CBD pie. As we’ve mentioned before in our articles, even less than ten years ago there were very few options when it came to choosing a product, and the majority of people probably did not even know what CBD was. Needless to say, that is not the case today in 2020.

As new companies dive into the CBD boom, there has been a deluge of new products, ranging from the classic tinctures, capsules, and vapor, all the way to skin creams, food additives, and beverages. Although this popularity is on the whole a positive, because it means that more and more people are giving CBD a try for their health and wellness issues, whenever there is an explosion in any industry, you have to be mindful of the quality and knowledge of the companies you’re dealing with.

The vast number of CBD products and companies producing and providing them means that most consumers will take to the internet to try and find which product and company are best for them. However, As CBD continues to become more popular, information is not always reliable online in terms of what to look for when buying CBD oil.  But don’t worry, we’re here to help you out on your journey!

How to Shop for CBD

With so many products and even more information out there at our fingertips, the problem is it can be difficult to cut through all the noise. This issue is compounded by the fact that sometimes the companies with the most successful marketing, the ones you see the most, are not the ones with the highest quality products.

This creates a situation in which many consumers who are new to CBD blindly purchase products off the internet. Oftentimes, these people end up wasting money on low quality products and then are turned off of the substance in general because it does not produce the effects they were hoping for. This means that people may give up on CBD all together just because they don’t know what to look for when buying CBD oil.

The first step to shopping for CBD is determining why you want to use the product in the first place. Although research is still in its early stages and more studies need to be done, many CBD users report that it helps them with everything from backpain and inflammation, to anxiety, restfulness, focus, appetite, seizures, and a host of other issues and conditions.

Understanding what problem you want to solve will help you determine which type of product may be the best to try. For example, if you are trying to relieve localized aches and pains, then you will probably want to try out a CBD topical product. If you are using it to help with your anxiety, then you may want a product that has a fast onset of effects, like sublingual tinctures or vape products.

What to Look for When Buying CBD: Full Spectrum or Isolate

Once you determine the type of CBD product you think would best suit your needs, you’ll have to determine whether you want to try full spectrum or isolate.

  • CBD isolate is pure (or isolated) CBD in the form of a crystalline powder that contains 99% pure CBD. Both hemp and marijuana plants contain a number of chemical compounds and other substances in addition to CBD. In isolate products, all this other plant matter contained in the cannabis plant is removed, leaving a finished product that’s CBD and nothing more.
  • Full spectrum CBD products, on the other hand, contain the entire plant. They contain all of the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids found in the hemp or marijuana plant (depending on whether the CBD is hemp derived or marijuana derived). Cannabis plants have many different compounds, called cannabinoids (CBD and THC are the most famous two), and full spectrum products contain all of them.

There is some debate over whether products which include multiple types of cannabinoids are more effective or offer more benefits than CBD alone. However, CBD itself is clearly the most important of the cannabinoids when it comes to health and wellness, as it is thought to offer most of the benefits of all the other cannabinoids combined. At Urban Roots, we believe both our isolate and full spectrum products are effective at delivering the results our customers are looking for and the difference really boils down to personal preference.  

Look for THC Content

As we mentioned, THC and CBD are the two most well known cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. The fact that both substances can be found in both hemp and marijuana plants can sometimes make people uneasy about trying CBD. However, while both substances are in the plants, THC is the only one that produces the psychoactive effects known as “getting high”.

CBD, on the other hand, is completely non-toxic in humans and does not produce any psychoactive effects. In other words, CBD does not get you high.

However, some CBD products may contain trace amounts of THC. For a CBD product to qualify (in the eyes of the federal government) as a legal hemp product, it must contain less than 0.3% THC. This amount is usually regarded as safe and too small to cause any effects. However, if you are worried about drug testing, it would be best to choose a pure CBD isolate product.

What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil: Third Party Lab Tests

Another important thing to look for when buying CBD is whether or not the company engages in third party testing. These tests confirm that CBD products have the amount of THC and CBD that their labels claim, as well as giving you peace of mind that the product is free from any contaminants. The majority, if not all, of reputable CBD companies will have their lab test results readily available for their customers to view.

If you are unable to find these lab reports, it could mean a number of things. For instance, it could mean that the product did not contain the stated amount of THC. Or, maybe the product contained harmful impurities. It could also simply mean the company simply forgot to upload the report to its website. Either way, it would be a good idea to reach out to the company in question and inquire about their lab testing.

It’s also important to remember that just having test results available does not always mean a company is producing reputable products. Look for regular tests and re-tests of products and their new batches. Having only one test result from six months ago and nothing more can be a red flag.

You can view Urban Roots third party testing here.

Conclusion: Here’s How to Shop for CBD

Finding the right CBD is really a matter of finding the product and company that can best help you fulfill your health and wellness goals. Research for yourself to determine what types of products you think will be best and then find a reputable company that has third party lab testing, positive customer reviews, and transparent business practices.

If you would like to learn more about the CBD from Urban Roots Hemp Co, then you can check out our FAQ page or contact us here.