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Different Ways to Consume CBD

CBD consumption method

The rise of CBD has been accompanied by a rise in the ways we can consume it. If you’re new to CBD, then the multitude of options might seem a bit overwhelming at first. This article is meant to help you out on your hemp journey and teach about the different methods of CBD consumption.

Below are the six primary ways that people consume CBD. There are some benefits of each mode of consumption, but at the end of the day it comes down to your own personal preference. The most important thing is that CBD makes its way into your body to start working its magic.

Tinctures CBD tinctures are one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. Typically, they are small bottles of concentrated CBD liquid with a dropper top that allow you to simply place drops of the tincture under your tongue where the liquid contents are directly absorbed into your bloodstream. The remaining liquid is then swallowed. CBD tinctures are more potent than other ingestion methods of CBD like edibles which must first undergo digestion before entering the bloodstream.

Main Benefits:

  • Dosage control
  • Easy to use
  • Discreet

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Capsules – CBD Capsules are a fast and easy way to digest cannabidiol. Manufacturers created these capsules so that they are as simple to consume as any other pill. The most common form is CBD capsules that consist of oil mixed with an MCT oil such as coconut oil. As well as bulking up the capsule in terms of size, the MCT oil helps the CBD work faster and more effectively.

Main Benefits:

  • No dosage measuring necessary - With CBD Capsules, what you see is what you get. If each one contains 25mg of CBD and you need 50mg a day, simply take two capsules.
  • Easy to schedule dosing - Once you have decided how much CBD you want to consume per day, it is easy to find a capsule with the exact amount. With this information to hand, you can purchase six months’ worth in the knowledge that your capsules will last this exact length of time.
  • Easy to travel with - You can take your capsules with you no matter where you go. Keep some in your desk at work, in your gym locker or the medicine cabinet at home.
  • Long Lasting Relief, 5-8 hours
  • Onset Time: 30-90minutes

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Edibles – There are a wide variety of CBD edibles available depending on your consumption preference, ranging from tinctures to pills to chocolates. Ingesting CBD rather than inhaling it provides a longer-term, more holistic effect since the cannabinoid is broken down slowly through the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream.

Main Benefits:

  • Long Lasting
  • Most consumption options

Topicals – Because of cannabinoid receptors found in the skin, topical application of CBD and cannabis products can also bring therapeutic results. To use CBD topically means to apply a CBD oil-infused product directly onto the skin, allowing the active compounds to be absorbed through the skin’s epidermis and pores. Once absorbed, CBD can interact with nearby cannabinoid receptors found on the skin’s sensory nerve fibers and subcutaneous tissue.

Topical CBD products work great for localized pain in specific areas of your body. They are ideal for arthritic joint pain.

Main Benefits:

  • Treats localized aches and pains
  • Chronic pain treatment
  • Decrease muscle soreness
  • Soothes joint aches and pains

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Vaping - Inhaling is the quickest way to feel the benefits of CBD as it enters the bloodstream directly through the lungs, however the effects usually wear off after a couple hours. Many people enjoy the ease and practicality of CBD oil vape pens, and as with any cannabis product you'll want to do your homework and understand what's in the oil you're vaping, such as potentially harmful additives or other contaminants.

Main Benefits:

  • Quick onset of effects
  • Quick calming effect
  • Healthiest inhalation method
  • Variety of concentrates, terpene profiles, and CBD levels to choose from

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CBD Isolate – CBD isolate is a pure crystalline or powder form of CBD. In its powder form you can consume it in a variety of ways. Many people will apply CBD isolate topically by blending the isolate powder with coconut oil or some other blending oil and rubbing into the skin. You can also create your own CBD edibles by mixing the isolate with cooking oils, blending in your daily smoothie, or adding to your morning coffee.

Main Benefit:

  • The ability to add to your own household products and meal plans

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No matter how you choose to consume CBD, the most important thing is to find a method and dosage that works for your body and your particular health goals. CBD may have the potential to work wonders for a variety of health ailments, so if you think it might be a good option for you, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving CBD a try with one of the above consumption methods.