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4 Reasons to Try CBD this Summer

CBD for the sun

As we move out of the depths of winter and into spring, we can all take comfort in the fact that summer is on its way with all the warmth, sun, and outdoor activities that come along with it. From going to the beach to hanging at a lake, to BBQs and eating outside on restaurant patios, to family get togethers and summer camping trips, the months ahead are sure to be filled with fun and excitement. If not maybe just a little bit of stress, sunburns, and, possibly, a few hangovers.

The good news is, CBD products have the potential to make your summer even better. By helping you enjoy the great parts even more and tempering the not so great parts, it may be your answer for a more enjoyable season. Here are four ways to use CBD this summer.

CBD for Sunburn

Sunburns. The great scourge of summertime and fun in the sun. Most of us have experienced this painful condition at one point or another in our lives. And although there has not been much direct research on CBD and sunburn, its anti-inflammatory properties mean that it may be able to help.

A sunburn occurs when your body, sensing something is wrong because of the UV damage to the skin, sends inflammatory cells to try and help. In its attempt to heal the skin, guard against further damage, and motivate you to get out of the sun, these inflammatory cells cause your skin to become red, swollen, and painful. After sunburn, your body will try to rid itself of the damaged cells, which results in the classic skin peeling.

The way CBD may help sunburns is through tempering the body’s inflammatory response, allowing a reduction in the redness, swelling, and pain when our body overreacts. Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, MD, a board certified dermatologist and author of Smart Medicine For Your Skin, points out that there is a lot of potential for CBD to help skin heal from sun damage, but further research should be conducted. She stated that,

“There are studies in which CBD has been shown to help wounds heal, so it might help wounds [and] burns [from the sun], and I think people are looking into the potential [of CBD] as a sunscreen in and of itself.”

CBD for Dry Skin

One of the best parts about summer is hanging at beaches or in lakes. The problem is, too much time in the water can lead to dry and cracked skin. To help avoid skin discomfort from ruining your summer fun, you can try using CBD skin care products. When it comes to dry skin, CBD has been found to have a positive impact on the regulation and production of oil in our epidermis. This study found that CBD acts as an effective sebostatic agent. That’s important because the sebaceous glands are responsible for oil production in the skin.

In other words, CBD is thought to work through our body’s endocannabinoid system to induce our sebaceous glands to produce more oil in certain situations and less oil in other situations. The result is a better balance that avoids both dry and oily skin.

Fight the Stress of Family Get Togethers and Vacations

The summer often brings long road trips, vacation planning, and attending reunions and other events with extended family. While family time is amazing, it can also bring with it some unwanted stress and anxiety. Spending four hours in the car heading up north or nine hours to the Smokey Mountains with the kids can definitely take its toll. As can hanging with aunts and uncles and distant cousins you haven’t see in a while and who have an opinion about everything.

A possible solution? Have some CBD to try and rein in the stress and anxiety. Once built up in the body, CBD users report feeling relaxed but not intoxicated—a feeling akin to a “runner’s high” that lifts your mood in an all natural way. Here are some studies we’ve cited in other articles of ours that back up the claim that CBD may help you relieve stress and anxiety caused by vacations and family events this summer:

  • Here is a 2011 study that found that CBD helped combat social anxiety.
  • This 2015 review of 49 studies found evidence that CBD has strong potential as a treatment for general anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, social anxiety, and more.
  • This study from 2019 found that CBD improved 80% of the subjects’ anxiety and 70% of the subjects’ sleep in the first month.
  • A 2010 study found that cannabidiol could reduce symptoms of social anxiety in people with social anxiety disorder (SAD). Brain scans of participants revealed changes in blood flow to the regions of the brain linked to feelings of anxiety.

CBD for Hangovers

Summer fun often involves drinking alcohol. Whether on the boat or the deck, throwing back some beers or cocktails in the sun can be one of the best parts of the season. But as anyone who has drank alcohol before knows, too much liquid fun can lead to a painful hangover the next day.

Alcohol is an irritant to your body. The resulting headache and nausea are inflammatory responses triggered by your body in an attempt to deal with or expel the irritant. As we’ve already mentioned, CBD is becoming more and more popular as an anti-inflammatory alternative to drugs like ibuprofen an aspirin.

Although there haven’t been studies looking specifically at CBD and hangovers, there has been research exploring on CBD deals with similar symptoms. Studies have shown that it may reduce the frequency of migraine headaches and neuropathic pain. When it comes to nausea, there is mounting evidence that CBD is effective at treating vomiting resulting from chemotherapy or other therapeutic treatments by interacting with serotonin receptors in your body. These same results may occur when headaches and nausea are caused by alcohol.

Fun Ways to Consumer CBD this Summer

One of the best parts about CBD is that you can consume it in a wide variety of ways. You can mix CBD oil or isolate powder with a range of foods and drinks to enjoy a tasty, relaxing snack or treat. Here are a few ways to enjoy CBD products this summer.

  • CBD Popsicles – Homemade CBD popsicles are surprisingly easy to make. All you need is a blender and a popsicle mold. Blend up your favorite frozen fruit with some fruit juice and CBD oil, pour the mixture in the mold, let freeze, and then enjoy!
  • CBD Smoothies – Similar to the popsicles just without the freezing, mix any kind of fruit, juice, power greens, protein powder, and anything else you like in your smoothies, add a dose of CBD oil, blend, and enjoy!
  • CBD Cocktails – You can also try mixing CBD with summer cocktails. Although you should start slow and be careful to see how CBD and alcohol affect you together, putting a few drops in your daiquiri or mixed drink may help you enjoy the positive effects of CBD while indulging in your favorite drink.

If you don’t feel like making your own tasty treat, you can try our CBD Kozmic Push Pops. They’re cold, delicious, and contain a high quality dose of CBD!

With the difficult times we’ve all had over the past year and winter, we all deserve to have an awesome summer. Try CBD to make it even better!