Kozmic Gardens Blue Razzberry Mini Tincture

Kozmic Gardens Blue Razzberry Mini Tincture

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A 15mL MINI TINCTURE of coconut (MCT)oil combined with pure Hemp-Derived CBD and an out of this world Blue Razzberry Flavor! This option is a smaller volume and dosage compared to Urban Roots' Tinctures to offer a more affordable and on-the-go option when needed!  Tinctures allow for a faster-onset of effects than other consumption measures which is ideal to see what dose is right for you. 

Dosage: 15mL, 250mg Pure CBD

Add a few drops under your tongue and experience the flavor sensations.  A few drops may be all you need!

Ingredients:  mct oil, agricultural hemp oil, flavors and terpenes

Our ingredients are sourced for their high quality, digestive properties, and bioavailability to ensure every drop counts! 

Beneficial Effects:

  • Due to the FDA and high-powered medical companies cracking down on us sharing the benefits of CBD we cannot list the possible effects here. Please subscribe and e-mail us directly to know the best product for you! 


Disclaimer: Consult your physician before consuming any CBD, THC, CBN products especially if you're on any Blood Thinners, Anti-Seizure medications that metabolize using the CYP450 pathway as CBD, THC, CBN may increase the blood level concentration of these medications. You can look up your medication to see if it uses the CYP450 pathway.