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Kozmic Orange 100mg Gummy
Kozmic Orange 100mg Gummy

Kozmic Orange 100mg Gummy

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A single serving gummy with 100mg of Pure CBD you'll be sure to enjoy. A unique Orange flavor perfect for an on-the-go CBD dose. Experience Zen with a flavor rush that will leave you craving some more ;)

If you're looking for even MORE taste, try the option with NERDS added 

Ingredients: hemp-derived isolate, flavors and terpenes

Tasty Effects Calming, Relaxation, Hangover Helper

 Disclaimer: Consult your physician before consuming any CBD, THC, CBN products especially if you're on any Blood Thinners, Anti-Seizure medications that metabolize using the CYP450 pathway as CBD, THC, CBN may increase the blood level concentration of these medications. You can look up your medication to see if it uses the CYP450 pathway.